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These combine to power binge gaming sessions and all-night gaming parties with your friends. Like all of the best gaming laptops, the Victus 15 comes ready to play. Speaking of which, Buyback Boss has put everything in place to make sure you get the highest cash for your device any time you trade-in your device. We have tailored our buyback program to make your entire trade-in experience simple, smooth, and super fast.

trade in chromebook

This is supposed to prevent tampering with the code or injecting something into it. For some businesses, this can lead to issues if they rely on software that does that, with Google citing data loss prevention software as one example. Businesses will be able to temporarily deactivate sandboxing. In the meantime, the browser is just a little safer for everyone else. Chrome 118 is improving the way Safe Browsing settings are displayed, making it more clearer which protection level you’re using and what it ensues in both the Security Settings and the Privacy Guide.

How does the Lenovo PC Trade-in program work?

But our computer exchange program isn’t reserved solely for Lenovo models only, you can also trade in PCs, laptops, and tablets from several well-recognized PC manufacturers for a Visa Gift Card. As part of Lenovo’s environmental sustainability effort, we offer the Lenovo PC Trade-in program. Trade in your electronics Lenovo today and get cash back that you can use towards upgrading the technology you need for work or play. Once received by Lenovo, your item will go through a thorough inspection process to determine its eligibility for the program and its overall condition. Not only must the item meet specifications for age, model, and condition but also any other criteria specified during submission.

You wouldn’t even have to ways precious time creating an online listing or setting up meetings with prospective buyers. And what’s more, we will offer you a bigger Check when you trade-in all your old devices in a single order. Are you considering upgrading from an old laptop, tablet, or device to something new and more powerful?

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Some impressive specs and a slim profile make this worth the savings. Best Buy is also including free shipping with a purchase. If the laptop deals that you’re seeing are still beyond your budget, then you may want to consider getting a Chromebook instead. These devices can go for much cheaper than Windows-based laptops, like the HP Chromebook 14a that’s down to a very affordable $159 from Best Buy from its original price of $299. However, in general, selling online is quick and easy, and you’ll usually get more money for your device than you would if you traded it in at a store.

Capture images of it from different angles so buyers can clearly see what condition it is in.

How to factory reset a Chromebook (method

The percentage depends on how much money your laptop sells for, so it can vary from a few bucks to a significant chunk of money. From the budget-friendly Lenovo Chromebook Duet to Google’s premium Pixelbook Go, these ChromeOS-driven laptops are in high demand, so much so that some models are currently sold out. Buy Certified Pre-Owned devices and discounted gift cards. On Windows, Chrome is getting just a little more secure with a new sandbox for the Network Service, which has already been running as its own separate process for a long time.

  • We make it easy to upgrade your existing technologies quickly while saving money on your purchase of a brand-new Lenovo product.
  • The Acer Chromebook 15 is one of the only Chromebooks with a 15-inch display, making it a bit of a rarity.
  • Overall, trading in your Chromebook at an electronics store is a convenient option, but it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks.
  • It even has a decent keyboard and touchpad, and it can run for an age thanks to the sizable battery.
  • Acer also has a new Chromebook Spin 15, a 2-in-1 version that starts at $450.

We guarantee to make selling your used electronic devices fast and easy. It’s as easy as matching up your HP Chromebook model from the list below and you’ll get an instant offer within minutes. Best of all we provide a prepaid shipping label instantly available to print out 24/7 from the convenience of your home. All you have to do is package your HP Chromebook and then drop it off at your nearest UPS store. You’ll get paid for your HP Chromebook on the next business day after we receive it, rain or shine.Want to sell or trade-in HP Chromebook for top dollar?

This includes laptops, desktops, tablets, and servers. However, different types of devices may incur different trade-in values or may not be accepted at all in certain regions due to availability or collection services. You need to find a good reliable online service as this is the easiest way to trade in your unwanted laptops, game consoles and other electronic items for instant cash. There are numerous online stores that offer cash for old Chromebooks, as well as marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay, where you can sell them yourself.

Trade in at an electronics Store

The process of how trade-ins work is simple and offers you a way to dispose of your electronic equipment responsibly by reusing or recycling qualifying devices. Any brand of laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone may be eligible for reuse or recycling. We can accept an item even if it is not listed for an instant quote.

After that, you can expect to receive an emailed summary of your trade-in revealing if it has been accepted or declined along with any further instructions related to payment or delivery. Many advantages come with using the Trade-In Program. You might find special prices available exclusively when using store credit gained through the program. When sending your laptop or other device for trade-in, simply perform a factory reset without removing storage data (such as hard drives) according to instructions provided by Lenovo during submission. This procedure will ensure that all personal information is removed from your device before shipment, leaving no trace behind.

If you need help looking up the specific model for your Chromebook please don’t hesitate to contact us. Once you’ve identified the specific model simply match up the specs and choose the condition, functionality, and includes. You’ll get an instant cash offer to sell your Chromebook within minutes. That’s not all; you will not even have to go through the stress of creating an online listing, paying for shipping, or meeting with potential buyers (who may even choose not to buy eventually). Another option for selling your Chromebook is to trade it in at an electronics store.

The company representative will check the value of your gadgets very quickly, and are equally renowned for making fast payments. So, if your gaming laptop or gaming PC is struggling to keep up with today’s fast-paced, modern PC games, look to Lenovo Legion for a long-term upgrade. Lenovo Legion laptops and PCs are more upgradeable than many prebuilt gaming PCs you’ll find on the market. We don’t solder on as many components as some manufacturers, meaning your Lenovo Legion gaming PC is easier to upgrade over time. So, trade in your old gaming PC and upgrade to the long-lasting power of Lenovo Legion today. We described the Dell XPS 13 as the „true answer to the MacBook Air” thanks to its great design and excellent specs.

Here at Jay Brokers we consider nearly all Chromebooks worth over $100 in today’s market. Our cash offers for Chromebooks are all guaranteed, which means we always pay the agreed upon amount for the agreed upon Chromebook—always. Selling your Chromebook could not be easier with Jay Brokers. If you’re looking to sell your Chromebook, simply complete the offer request form below and a representative will get back to with a cash offer on your Chromebook. If you don’t like the cash offer for your Chromebook, there’s no pressure or obligation to follow through.

Laptop trade in

Buyback Boss will offer you the best price for your cracked, damaged, and completely broken Chromebook device. As soon as we have your device, we will inspect it to verify all claims before we send your payment, either by PayPal or Check. All you have to do is tell us briefly about your Chromebook by filling out a form that will detail the condition and configuration of your device. We will get back to with a custom price quote, and you will begin your way to getting the best price for your Chromebook device. If you are having trouble finding your item in our database, please try our category-based Product Finder.

For one, you’ll need to be comfortable meeting strangers in person. Lenovo has long been known for the quality, reliability, and innovation found in our laptops, PCs, and tablets. With a profound emphasis being placed on quality in the construction of our products, you won’t often have to trade in your trusty old ThinkPad. Inevitably, new technologies come along to replace the old.

Just pack your device and drop it off at any UPS location. When done right, a great listing will attract more buyers to your listing. Marketplaces don’t do the selling for you, so you’ll need to put some effort into creating your Chromebook-for-sale listing. Out of all the marketplaces we recommend, eBay and Swappa charge final value fees on the seller and buyer when an item is sold.

  • She has a bachelor’s degree in film and media studies from Hunter College and 11 years of tech and entertainment journalism.
  • Speaking of which, Buyback Boss has put everything in place to make sure you get the highest cash for your device any time you trade-in your device.
  • The update adds a new table to the Enhanced Protection level that’s supposed to make it easier to understand which trade-offs are involved in choosing which options.

Jay Brokers makes it safe and simple to get cash for almost anything worth over $100 that is easy to ship. Most brands like HP release a new HP Chromebook model almost every year, which means now is the best time to sell your HP Chromebook. At Jay Brokers, you can get an instant cash offer for your HP Chromebook within minutes, ship your laptop for free, and get paid on the next business day after it arrives. Lock in a guaranteed offer instantly by saving the offer to your email. Or, if you’re ready to sell your HP Chromebook you can accept the cash offer and get a prepaid shipping level instantly, 24/7. Simply select the attributes and condition of your device to receive an offer.

Second, they may not need a Chromebook right away, so you may have to wait a while before you get paid. And third, if something goes wrong with the transaction, it could damage your relationship with the person you’re selling to. However, there are also some potential downsides to this method. First, the person you’re selling to may not be willing to pay as much as you’d like. Finally, the store may put a time limit on the trade-in, so you’ll need to be sure to use it before it expires.

After you’ve successfully reset your Chromebook back to factory fresh, your next move is to find a place to sell your Chromebook. Luckily, there are several marketplaces online that specialize in buying and selling laptops. Whether you want to upgrade your Chromebook or buy a MacBook or Windows laptop, selling your old Chromebook will nifty bank tomorrow prediction offset the cost. From returning it to its factory-fresh state to finding buyers, here’s how to sell your Chromebook for cash. Rather than feeling cramped when you have two windows side-by-side on one of the more svelte Chromebook offerings, the Acer Chromebook 15 is just big enough to allow you all the room you need to multitask.

Like most of the best Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook 14a has limited internal storage with a 64GB eMMC, but you’ll have plenty of space for your files on the cloud through Google Drive. You don’t have to worry about listing your device, dealing with buyers, or shipping anything. Once you complete the checkout process, you can send in your device for free via our free shipping service. Lenovo takes the utmost responsibility when handling customer data, both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, Lenovo will never keep nor transfer any of your personal data. All computers will go through the Data Erasure process.

That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your laptop before you sell it. You’ll want it looking in the best condition possible. And while Facebook and Letgo don’t require fees, they are local marketplaces with no shipping option involved. That means you and the buyer have to meet in person to complete the transaction. For Chromebook owners, a Gmail account serves as both your login identification and admin account. When you’re ready to sell the Chromebook to its new owner, you must first remove your login credentials and personal data from the machine.

All big and respectable manufacturers offer their own spin on the Chromebook, and the market has never been more crowded. There’s a lot of options available that look similar at a glance, so it is time to narrowed things down for you to pick TOP 3 the best Chromebooks in 2018. Overall, selling to a friend or family member can be a great option, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved. If you know someone who’s looking for a Chromebook, selling to them directly can be a great option. Finally, you may have to deal with difficult customers if something goes wrong with a transaction. Overall, selling on eBay can be a great way to make some extra money, but it’s important to be aware of the risks involved.

We’re a veteran online business and we always pay our customers the agreed upon amount for the agreed upon Chromebook. So if you’re looking to sell your Chromebook, you can rest assured that we’ll pay you the promised amount for the agreed upon Chromebook. Get a cash offer for your Chromebook by completing the form below. From Apple iPhones and iPads to MacBooks and AirPods—we buy them all.

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